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Close more deals with Conversational AI

Engage prospects and customers more effectively and win more business without growing your sales and marketing headcount.

What is Conversational AI for B2B?

Conversational AI uses large language models to enable human-like customer engagement at scale with LLM-powered chatbots and virtual assistants that can handle routine tasks, answer frequently asked questions, and hand conversations off to sales teams. Use it to efficiently engage with prospects and customers at every stage of the funnel and in every channel.

Benefits of adding Conversational AI to B2B
sales and marketing processes


Provide personalized and engaging conversations with leads and customers, tailoring the conversation to each individual with AI-powered tools and creating a more personalized experience.

Lead qualification

Automate lead qualification with AI-powered chatbots to gather information and route qualified prospects to sales reps, improving the efficiency of the sales process and increasing speed to lead.

Always-on engagement

Offer instant, 24/7 engagement, answering questions even during off-hours, creating a better experience as prospects gather information to inform their buying decision.


Automate routine tasks, like appointment scheduling, to free up sales representatives and marketing teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, thereby increasing conversion and scaling your impact.

How LivePerson helps you reimagine B2B

Automate the sales hand-off

Streamline and accelerate the handoff from hot lead-to-sales, and segment existing customers seeking support. Conversational AI-powered automation ensures the right leads are transferred to the appropriate team member for a smoother experience.

Optimize lead qualification and routing

Automate qualification and optimize your lead routing process to increase your chances of converting hot leads, while boosting your team’s efficiency and overall bottom line.

Personalize and nurture leads

Don’t let valuable leads fall through the cracks. Use AI-powered lead nurturing to deliver personalized messaging that keeps them engaged and ready to buy.

Provide seamless marketplace experiences

Transform your marketplace using Conversational AI technology. Deliver tailored support and personalized assistance to buyers and sellers throughout the shopping journey, increasing satisfaction and driving more sales.
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